Introduction to AngularJS 2.0

what's new in Angular 2.0 and benifits over Angular 1.0

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Tutorial 1:Introduction to AngularJS 2.0

Improvements or new features added in AngularJS 2.0
1.  AngularJS 2.0 is 5 times faster compared to AngularJS 1.0
2.  Mobile Support:

a.  Angular 1.0 was not build to support mobile application development

b.  With AngularJS 2.0 we can build a single application that works across mobile, laptop and desktop devices

Note: It is possible to run AngularJS 1.0 application in mobile with the support of third party tools

3.  Component Based Development:

In Angular 2.0, everything is a component. Components are building blocks of an angular application It facilitates for grater code review and in testing perspective it helps for greater unit testing i.e AngularJS 2.0 components are testable.

4.  More Language Choices:
We can build Angular application by using any of the below languages

a. ECMA Script5

b. ECMA Script6 (also called ES2015)

c. Type Script

d. Dart

e. Pure Script

f.  ELM, etc

Among all these, “Type Script’ is the most popular scripting language
Note: AngularJS 2.0 itself has built using Type Script.
         Type Script has a great support of ECMA Script6
What is ECMA Script 6?

Java Script language standard is officially called ECMA Script

ECMA Script 1 to ECMA Script 7 were released over the part of several years

Most modern browsers available today support ECMA Script5

The Browser support for ECMA Script6 is still incomplete

Note: To know more about ECMA Script, please refer the below link

What is Type Script?

It is a free and open-source programming language developed by Microsoft

It is a superset of JavaScript

Transpilation compiles TypeScript to JavaScript that the browser can understand

Building Angular applications by sing Typescript, gives the below benefits:

a. Intellisense

b. Auto Completion

c. Code Navigation

d. Advanced Refactoring

e. Strong Typing

f.  Supports ES2015 features like Classes, Interfaces and Inheritance (Object oriented features)

Note: Typescript is the no.1 choice for developing Angular applications
Other benefits of using Typescript is, Typescript is supported by several code editors like

a. Visual Studio

b. Visual Studio Code

c. Eclipse

d. Web Storm

e. Atom

f. Sublime Text etc…

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