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Story Of Passion and Dotnetlovers

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We use services of google everyday, but many of us don’t think, what the story behind foundation of google was. Everything has a story behind it. People make things happen and yeah they get appreciated by others but others don’t consider what an interesting story maybe behind it. Isn’t it?

Here I am talking about a story behind Dotnetlovers. I have been developing this web site since August, 2012. So this will give you an idea over how crazily things start to getting develop.

How did I get idea to develop this: - one day I was just visiting some websites like stackoverflow, codeproject etc. and after getting some code idea I closed the tabs and went to Facebook. A thing came in my mine, why did I come to Facebook?? Why I spend much time over Facebook?? Why Facebook is much interesting that it can hold users for a long time??Can’t we make a site ofcoding stuff that can hold users??

About Dotnetlovers: -An open source web site for helping students and developers which should looks like an interesting social website. If you want to know more simply you can go here.

How objective of Dotnetlovers had been changing day by day:- this is the most important part, I’ll tell you in some points:-

  • When I started work over Dotnetlovers, I had in mind like I just have to make a site where I can post some tutorials and users can see them.

  • After completing first objective I thought, I should provide facility to others that they can write their tutorials as well publish them.

  • I completed my 2nd objective then I needed a server I had to find a free server to host my site,one of my good friend ALEX told me about some free hosts.

  • After all this I researched over many coding portals, like how they are showing their code in a well-managed way and how it is easy for a user to understand tutorials.

  • I had to test the application after completing of every objective. I did it

  • Now I started to look at Facebook that was the most challenging task for me to give it features of Facebook that It could be interesting as Facebook. I added there some features like add comment, like articles and comments, notifications and showing how many likes.

  • After that, features were working correctly but I couldn’t make them as much attractive and user friendly. I had to make that UI user friendly, and lightweight same as Facebook.

  • I studied and got some new concepts. I implemented and I was succeed to fulfill my objectives.

  • Not the other challenging task was to design UI properly, there were still many problems. I started working on designing part, made that user friendly.

  • I published that changes I have made, after challenging part was to make popups, user profile, professional circles, SEO friendly URLs etc.

  • Developed and again designed added much more features of Facebook. And published this for users this whole process took my 18 months.

Responses from friends and users: - People started appreciating my work, they started to come. Some people wrote me like, you have done a good job, your site is very good can you please help in my project, is there anyone who knows javascript very well we want to hire somepeople.etc. Some had very negative attitude like, you are just wasting your time, don’t get spoiled in all this. But trust me they appreciate my work now.

What I learned: - “There isn’t a good trainer then passion and a good school then home” has proven for me. I learned many things in aspect of technical knowledge, hard work and many new technologies. Even searching something over google is also an art.Whatever matters that what I have learnt and how people liked that.

Why I am writing this: - What I had! Just a dream to make that come true, I never thought that I could make this as much better as it is now. Stories inspires us. They give us an idea that life is full of possibilities, it’s never too late to start something new. All I want to tell you is never stop dreaming, because knowledge may have limitations but dreaming not.

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Last modified on 11 October 2018
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