Building a budget drone

How to build a drone using naze32 flight controller

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Drone Files and Documents

    In this article we will build a drone using naze32 brushed flight controller. We will be using following components:

  1. Naze32 flight controller brushed
  2. 4 brushed motors
  3. FlySky radio receiver
  4. FlySky radio transmitter
  5. 1S LiPo Battery
  6. PC/Laptop
  7. Buzzer, Propellers, Wires

Below is the pin diagram of naze32, will have to connect all the components as per diagram.

Naze32 pin diagram
Fig 1: Naze32 pin diagram


FlySky receiver:

FlySky Receiver
Fig 2: FlySky Receiver

Motor configuration:

Drone motor configuration
Fig 3: Drone motor configuration


Below is the full video of making the drone


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Last modified on 21 February 2022
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